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Friday, March 1, 2013

I capped off this week with an amazing +22% in gains made on my plays - no, this doesn't mean I made 22% on my account you crazy cats, it simply means my stock picks from entry to exit were net +22% gains. This is very high and not normal. Whats more is that 100% of my trades were green, this is another anomaly. Probably will never happen again, but I'll take it!

My weekly goal is 10%. Today was my first day I started writing this blog so I am just getting used to entering my trades here. Next week I should be much better and faster listing stock: entries, sizing (as a % of portfolio), targets, etc. I plan on entering every entry/exit within 1-2 minutes of execution. Please let me know in the comments section if you have any questions.

Top gainer for the second week in a row was LNG, with 5.6% made to the short side, and almost 2% on the bull side. I love playing this name.

My overall goal is to give my market perspective and expectation to start the day, before 9:30am ET, list trade entries and exits throughout the day via Google spreadsheet, and to provide a market recap after hours. I am excited to do this, to meet new people and to share my ideas.


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