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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Euroland Explody

Earlier this morning, PMIs came out for much of Euroland, and they were weak across the board. Just like in the US - when you receive weak economic numbers, the general thought is monetary easing ----> bullish. This is a weird world we live in, and the markets have changed, as they always do. Mass easing is the new answer to economic woes, and 'currency wars' is the immediate result. What will be the End Result? Many think something very bearish... I am not certain. I'll write a post more in depth on this topic in the future. 

For today, the DAX is up 1.6% as we speak, although the EUR/USD is barely green and unable to bounce - yet. ES_F looks to gap up by about 3-4 points. Most bonds are down slightly. The SPY looks like it will open above 153 and possibly run. 

Unfortunately, I am short going into today, and I will look for opportunities to go long throughout the trading day. 

For the time being, like I said yesterday, the 'risk on' trade seems to be here for a little longer. It appears we might be making our last gasp or run before the typical April - May top.

Good luck today everyone!

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