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Friday, March 1, 2013


First blog entry ever!!! WOOOO!!!

I will write in more detail later about me and my history... The purpose of this blog will be mainly for me, to track my thoughts/reactions/anger/joy with every market turn. I hope to make a few entries per day giving general thoughts on the market. I will also throw out all my trade ideas (including entries and exits) starting on March 4th on a Google spreadsheet. This spreadsheet link can be found at the top of the blog. I'm not really sure where this is going... could be a 2 month experiment, and could turn into a paid for subscription service (LOL).

My specialty is scalp day trading, or light 1-2 day swings. I will hold some positions ( usually SPY related) for a few days or even weeks (UPRO, SPXU, SPY calls and puts). Most of my trading is very simple and easy to follow.

Enjoy the ride? maybe, we will see...


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